Website accessibility for people with disabilities is still an issue. Here’s why.

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It may seem that people with disabilities have made a lot of progress accessing the same resources as people without disabilities. But there’s always more ground to cover. Right now there’s an important battle playing out online and in the courts IRL, where many businesses are questioning whether they have to make their websites and mobile apps accessible — and disabilities rights advocates are vehemently insisting they do.  

Recently, the Supreme Court passed on reviewing a case from Domino’s, in which the pizza chain argued that the Americans with Disabilities Act, which protects individuals with disabilities against discrimination, doesn’t apply to online spaces. This all started back in 2016 when a blind man, Guillermo Robles, sued Domino’s when he couldn’t order food on their website and mobile app using a screen reader, an assistive device that helps people who are blind read text online. Domino’s site, Robles alleged, was incompatible with the device. Read more…

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