This Hot Bod Pool Float Is So Weird and Funny, and We Absolutely Want One

From glittery Rosé bottles to avocados (with beach-ball pits!) to almost every animal shape under the sun, it seems that with every passing day pool floats get a little more extra. Which is great, because who doesn’t want to spend all Summer lounging on their favorite food or favorite animal?

But then we spotted this hilarious, weird, and amazing hot bod pool float ($19), which is the Summer accessory we never knew we needed until right now. It turns out that a buff male torso is the perfect raft shape, and the ripples of the abs fit perfectly with the contours of the flotation device. Whether you’re heading to the beach, relaxing poolside, or just hanging out on your back deck (hey, we’re not judging), this hot bod is like the boyfriend pillow of pool floats, but hotter. Go ahead and purchase at least one (we know we did).


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