Tea: Online Ordering Of White Licorice Tea

Many people who have recently tasted white licorice tea for the first time find themselves frustrated when it comes to finding this delicious white tea blend. Like other white teas, white licorice tea is rare and can only be found in a few tea shops.

However, if you know where to look, you can find fine white licorice tea as well as other rare white teas.

White tea comes from the same plant as other teas, but it is harvested much earlier than other teas, before the leaves are fully open. White tea is harvested just once each year, while green and black tea is harvested several times during the growing season. I

In addition, there are fewer white tea plants being cultivated. These two differences in white tea harvesting are the reason it is so much rarer than other teas.

However, it is this once a year harvesting that makes white tea so special. The tea is harvested while the buds are still closed and covered by fine white hair. This white hair is where white tea gets its name. The early harvest ensures a sweet and mild flavor along with a pale color.

Once the white tea leaves are plucked, they must be processed. This is done differently than with black tea, too. While black tea is fermented during processing, white tea is simply dried and then either steamed or fired. This minimal processing ensures that the tea retains its natural anti-oxidants, making it a very healthy beverage to drink. In addition, the minimal processing contributes to the delicate flavor of the white tea.

Once processed, white licorice tea will have star anise added to give it that sweet and distinct flavor that only licorice can provide. Only a few tea processors add licorice flavor to their white tea, making white licorice tea one of the rarest in the world. Of the few who do, many use licorice root rather than star anise for the licorice flavor.

However, using star anise provides a much milder, yet richer flavor to the tea.

For those who are unable to find white licorice tea in their local tea shop, ordering online is the answer. And even many people who have access to white licorice and other rare teas find that ordering their tea online is preferable, because it gives them access to a wider variety of tea and gives them a better value.

Every retail market has been impacted by the Internet and online ordering. 84% of Americans say that they have shopped online at least once and 60% of Americans shop online regularly.

Online shopping gives the shopper access to a much wider assortment of products and makes it much easier and faster to shop comparatively. Plus, when you shop online, you never have to leave your home.

The wide access to products and retailers is particularly important when youre shopping for something rare like white licorice tea. Every tea drinker should have at least one online tea shop that they favor to provide them with their favorite teas and accessories.

The biggest downside to shopping for tea online is that you cant taste the tea before you buy. When shopping at your local tea merchant, youll find that theyre typically happy to let you sample any tea before you buy it. To overcome this disadvantage, its important that you choose an online tea company that offers a money back guarantee.

This way, if you order something that you find to be of inferior quality or you simply dont like it, youre protected. The best online tea retailers are happy to offer these guarantees because they believe in their products and because they want their customers to be happy.

In addition, many online tea shops offer sample packages. These packages include small amounts of several teas. Its a great way to try teas just as you would in a local tea shop without spending a lot of money. Once youve identified your favorites, you can buy them in bulk to save money.

Another issue that makes some people wary of shopping online is credit card security. Weve all known someone whose credit card information was stolen via the internet. However, there is plenty of software available to online retailers to help them secure their sites so that your credit card and other private information cannot be stolen. When youre choosing an online retailer for your tea purchases, be certain that they offer secure online checkout.

There are many tea shops online, but not as many that carry white licorice tea. Luckily, the Internet search engines make it easy to identify the stores that carry the products youre looking for.

Once youve identified the retailers who carry white licorice tea, narrow down your choice by the other things mentioned here like money back guarantees and secure ordering. Also check the reputation of your prospective tea vendor. Most will have customer reviews of their teas online. This helps you feel comfortable that the tea will be of good quality and have good flavor.

It may take a little work to find the best white licorice tea. But, when you smell that fragrance and taste the sweet and delicate flavor, it will be worth every bit of the effort.


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