How to deal with data spammers?

How would you deal with someone who wants to purposely harm my app? For example, lets say that we have some app that stores data on Amazon cloud services (for example DynamoDB). Someone could make a script that constantly spams data to the server, for example, by creating random data to the server. I feel like he would not need a lot of computer power to increase the data to very expensive scale. Note that I am not very familiar with AWS as a platform and I do not know if there are internal ways that they reduce this issue. submitted by /u/Kakkurimme [link] [comments] Read more:

How can I implement device to device push notifications?

I want device A (foreground) to send a push notification to device B (background). I've read through the Firebase Cloud Messaging docs and there is no solution for sending an FCM from one client device to another client device. Only from the Firebase Admin to a device. However it appears it's possible with Google Cloud Functions (why does it only work with Google Cloud Functions?). If i have to use Google Cloud Functions to implement this then I will – but surely there is another way I can send the push notification directly from my client app to another device (background)? PS: device A knows the FCM registration token of device B submitted by /u/GerrardSlippedHahaha [link] [comments] …

NoRouteToHostException from device directly connected via WifiP2p

The device( I'm sending data to is connected to my main device via a WifiP2pGroup and has a socket listening on port 43244 but when I try to send data to it, I get a NoRouteToHostExcepetion. The connected device is clearly connected and reachable since it appears in my WifiP2pGroup list aswell as in my IP Neighbor list so I'm not sure why I would get a NoRouteToHostException when it's directly connected to my device and It's visible. Here's my app logs: submitted by /u/AndreVallestero [link] [comments] Read more:

If anyone can’t edit their Play Store translations – here’s the solution that worked for me, in case someone else has this issue

I had issues for over a week not being able to edit the translations' text. Support could not troubleshoot this successfully. ​ The problem was not about the length of the descriptions (all within limit), or about any special characters. It did not help to log in from another device, nor to delete cache, nor to log incognito, nor to use another browser. ​ What DID help was to delete the translations ("Manage translation"–> "Remove translation"). Remove, then create anew. It's manual work but resolved my issue. ​ Posting here in case someone else finds it useful. submitted by /u/bluediavolo [link] [comments] Read more: