Stop paying monthly fees for iCloud — get a lifetime of cloud storage with this deal


Real talk: storing your files exclusively on your phone or computer will only make them more susceptible to sudden disappearance.

Whether it’s an accidental drop, theft, or a botched software update, your data can be wiped out faster than Thanos’ snap, and there’s usually no way to recover it. When your files are gone (including your once-in-a-lifetime photos), they’re gone forever.

If you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor and migrate your files to the cloud. And when we say cloud, we don’t mean Dropbox or iCloud where you have to fork over hundreds per year for paltry storage space. Instead, your storage woes can be one and done with Degoo Premium. In other words, you pay $49.99 once, and you have a complete cloud storage solution for all your devices — for life. Read more…

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