Stadia is not overheating Chromecasts says Google… Reddit disagrees

Stadia is not overheating Chromecasts says Google… Reddit disagrees

Google has told Reddit users that Google Chromecast devices overheating while playing games on Stadia is categorically not an issue. Following reports of overheating devices on the Stadia subreddit, Google has responded that any heat emanating from the surface of the device is by design, and that “there is no thermal overheating issue” with its bundled streaming devices.

Reddit users have taken to the official Stadia subreddit to report dying/dead Chromecast Ultras following extended game sessions using the company’s recently launched Cloud service. One largely upvoted post simply titled “Chromecast Ultra Overheating” is filled with anecdotal reports from (unverifiable but seemingly legitimate) Stadia owners (via mspoweruser).

Users claim that devices lose connectivity or shutdown entirely following lengthy moderately lengthy gaming sessions – the original poster on Reddit claiming 3-3½ hours was enough. However, across various statements and within the thread on its official subreddit, Google has told users that overheating is not an issue within its Chromecast hardware – and little else in the way of explanation for concerned owners.

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