Sonos is working on its first-ever Bluetooth speaker

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

One of two devices recently filed by Sonos with the FCC is a Bluetooth speaker, The Verge can confirm. In the filing for product model S17, Sonos directly states that it’s “a high-performance wireless speaker and part of the Sonos sound system. The device’s primary function will be for streaming with Wi-Fi, but also features Bluetooth audio streaming and Bluetooth Low Energy, used for simplified setup.” (Emphasis added by The Verge.) No other previous Sonos speaker has supported Bluetooth music playback, though the Sonos One includes BLE for the same reason of easier setup.

The product label for S17 features a curved blue line running across it, which could be a reference to the speaker’s unique functionality in the Sonos lineup. It…

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