Sonicwall SSL-VPN short lease time causing havoc on my DNS.

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ISSUE: Duplicate DNS entries for the same IP address but different host names. This is most definitely being caused by the SonicWall SSL-VPN IP Pool having a one or two hour lease time because it is only affecting the subnet that is handed out by the SW. All my other DHCP scopes are working just fine and AD is getting the expected updates from the DHCP. DNS is configured per MS best practices so I believe I'm looking at 14 days before the records are updated, unless DHCP updates the record before then. As you might guess, these duplicate records are causing some serious problems with PDQ providing me with accurate device information, and I'm getting far too many scan errors due to the device IPs changing so frequently.

POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: Either I extend the lease time, I can handle the number of addresses fine, or someone tells me the secret to getting the DNS records updated immediately when the IP changes.

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