Someone should make a game about: Stanley Kubrick’s archives

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Hello, and welcome to our new series which picks out interesting things that we’d love someone to make a game about.

This isn’t a chance for us to pretend we’re game designers, more an opportunity to celebrate the range of subjects games can tackle and the sorts of things that seem filled with glorious gamey promise.

Boris is a chess computer from the late 1970s. God, it’s a weird thing: this tidy wooden box with chess pieces and a fold-out board and a lump of computer, basically, a brown shiny brick of computer with keys and a little display. That display! Boris wouldn’t just make moves. Boris would be a jerk about it too, typing out burn messages when you were up against it. Face to face with Boris a few weeks back, though, what filled me with delight wasn’t just that here was a funny little chess computer I had never heard of. Here was one that had once belonged to Stanley Kubrick.

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