Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 pushes all-screen phones to their inevitable limits

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The wait is over. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is official and, no, it doesn’t have a headphone jack.

But before I get to why Samsung killed the classic audio port on the Note 10, I’d like to clarify that the new phone isn’t a single device, but two: a 6.3-inch Note 10 and 6.8-inch Note 10+.

Samsung’s always billed the Galaxy Note as its biggest and most cutting edge smartphone — a device for power users built with productivity in mind — and the two Note 10s are no different.


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The new Android phones don’t break new ground with anything like a foldable display or camera embedded underneath the screen, but when it comes to tried-and-true innovation upgrades, there’s really little to dislike (except maybe the whole headphone jack removal, of course). Read more…

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