Mike Rowe’s Veteran’s Day Message: No Trigger Words Or Safe Spaces In The Military

Television personality Mike Rowe delivered a sobering message on Veteran’s Day that illustrates how out of touch the campus SJWs are from the reality that America’s armed servicemen face.

Speaking on “Fox & Friends,” Rowe argued that the American military is one of the greatest meritocracies in the world and champions a true diversity.

“Is there a greater meritocracy in the world? Is there a better example of true diversity?” Rowe said on the program. “The thing that I’m most proud about when I go to bases when I visit with people, they are utterly colorblind. There’s no conversation about ‘trigger words.’ There’s no safe space. The military is not a safe space.”

“In the military, there’s a set of rules, there’s a different reality, and there’s a different commonality,” he added.


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To illustrate his point, Rowe pointed to his friend, Travis Mills, a quadruple-amputee whom the television host described as having not an ounce of self-pity.

“In a heartbeat you go from put-upon, in a hurry, trying to take care of your stuff to saying, ‘OK, let’s cancel that, let’s sit down,’ and I talked to Travis for an hour,” Rowe said of his friend. “Some people hit the reset button to start their life over and some people get the reset button hit for them. And that was Travis. He just simply refused to quit.”

Mike Rowe has never been one to shy away from political correctness or from championing the contributions of America’s working class. Over the weekend, he delivered a blistering message on the student loan debt crisis by attacking the pervasive propaganda that tells people to get a university education above all else.

“We have unintendedly maligned an entire section of our workforce by promoting one form of education, in my opinion, at the expense of all of the other forms,” he said. “Forty years ago, colleges needed a PR campaign. We needed more people to get into higher education, but when we gave the big push for college back the in ‘70s, we did it at the expense of alternative education. In other words, we told people, ‘If you don’t get your degree, you’re going to wind up turning a wrench.’ ”

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Actor Chris Pratt simultaneously delivered a powerful message on Veteran’s Day that was specifically dedicated to his brother.

“I always wanted to be exactly like him. We were the same size despite our three-year difference in age so as a kid I would wear the same clothes he wore, literally the day after he wore them — picking them up off the floor in his room. What can I say? He knew how to match and I liked the smell,” Pratt wrote on Instagram Monday. “One day his friends started to notice and he kindly urged me to wear my own clothes.”

“He is a good big brother,” he continued. “He’s always led with love. Growing up we wrestled for hours every day and smashed every bit of furniture in the house but never actually fought. He taught me everything. He put up with me and my incessant hyperactivity and forced his friends to do the same.”

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