Microsoft’s new Mac vs. PC ad gets a guy named ‘Mac Book’ to diss Apple

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Apple and Microsoft have a storied history of duking it out on TV, often cleverly sniping at each other in a series of iconic Mac vs. PC ads. But Microsoft’s latest campaign is a rather low blow — it apparently found a guy named Mackenzie Book (Mac Book, get it?) to testify that the Surface Laptop 2 is a better buy than a MacBook.

Imagine the audacity of combing the world for a single actor with the right name, just so you can arrive at the punchline “Mac Book says get a Surface Laptop” without an army of lawyers breathing down your throat.

Would Apple stoop to finding a “Mike Rosoft” to tout a new iPad? I think not. It’s still too busy deciding whether the iPad Pro is a computer or no! Which Microsoft has an opinion on, too.

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