Latest Apple Mac mini at lowest price on Amazon — save $150


TL;DR: Buy the powerful Apple Mac mini with Intel Core i5 processor on sale for $949 at Amazon. With this $150 discount, you get this compact desktop computer at it’s lowest price yet. 

With good reason, the MacBook Pro is a favorite among anyone who wants Apple reliability, power, and portability. But there are those who need even more computing capabilities for intensive jobs. Need to render video, build apps, or create thousands of SpongeBob memes? Then take the next giant step and check out the latest deal on the small but mighty Apple Mac mini

Work faster when you get the new Apple Mac mini with an Intel Core i5 processor for only $949 from Amazon. You save $150, which makes this the lowest price Amazon has offered for this model. That’s the perfect chance to put your savings towards your new Mac accessories, such as an Apple keyboard or mouse. To complete your desktop system, our list of the best MacBook Pro monitors offer you a range of options that will work just as well for your Mac mini.  Read more…

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