L3 switch or no in smaller corp network?

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Working in a network with about 200 PCs, 10 servers, VOIP (100 phones), and a couple remote locations. All routing is handled by the FW. It's the GW for the network. Device handles inter-vLAN routing (we have 5 vLANs), internet traffic, and a few site to site VPNs. Not all vLANs need routed but a couple will. I'm considering adding a L3 switch to handle vLANs/internal routing where it becomes the GW and hands external traffic off to the FW. We have some performance issues with the FW, and upgrading it would help. I intend to do that, but adding the L3 offloads some work and, in my head, separates internal from external.

The network isn't huge and neither is the budget. I'd being looking at a Cisco SG550X-24 for the L3. I asked a similar question elsewhere and got push back because it 'adds cost and complexity' and they aren't wrong. BUT we're talking about a $700 switch and I don't feel L3 switches are that uncommon in SMB. Maybe I'm wrong.

Would you add L3 switch in a similar case or no? Why or why not?

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