Kobo’s new Libra H20 is like a cheaper Kindle Oasis

Kobo has a new e-reader out, the Libra H20, which looks to join the existing Kobo Forma in taking on Amazon’s luxury Kindle Oasis, with a similar one-handed design. But where the Forma stumbled by upping the screen size to an 8-inch panel, resulting in a device that was somewhat unwieldy to hold, the new Libra H20 matches Amazon’s e-reader exactly with a 7-inch size that’s much easier to manage.

Crucially, though, unlike the Forma, which start at $279.99 — even more than the Oasis, which starts at $249.99, despite it’s more premium metal design — the Libra H20 will cost $169.99, making it the cheapest option around for an asymmetrical, Oasis-style e-reader.

Aside from with the smaller display and lower price point, the…

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