It’s back to the future trying to get my BT broadband to work

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Openreach engineers said someone has to cancel for a space to become available … in London

I am seemingly stuck in the 1970s – unable to get a working phone line/broadband from BT. When my broadband failed in mid June, Openreach engineers traced the fault to the local cabinet. After a great deal of tooing and froing BT says it can’t be repaired and the cabinet is at 100% capacity and nothing can be done to restore my broadband for a month. It seems the only way I will be connected is if someone in that cabinet cancels and a space becomes available.

BT has provided me with a 4G hotspot device which provides limited wifi but it’s not reliable enough to stream video or download anything significant. I’d switch to Virgin Media, but it’s not offered in our street. I could almost understand it if I lived in a remote spot but this is London in 2019.

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