Hendrick’s (yes, the gin company) launches wacky smart speaker

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I bet your smart speaker doesn’t have a martini glass holder. 

Hendrick’s, a company known primarily for producing gin, is seeking to remedy that with Horatio — a smart, voice-activated speaker with a design like no other speaker on the market.

Horatio is made out of brass, copper, and leather, and looks like something out of a steampunk novel. Each one is unique (created by two American artists, Hendrick’s says). It’s utterly weird and quite cool, though it certainly isn’t for everyone.

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I'm never buying a smart speaker without a cocktail glass holder again.

I’m never buying a smart speaker without a cocktail glass holder again.

Image: Hendrick’s

The company didn’t really share many details about the speaker’s technical side, except for the fact that it responds in a “delightful British accent.” But here’s the kicker: the speaker won’t actually respond to your queries in a meaningful way. “Horatio is a far-more sophisticated device that’s utterly independent of anything you may ask of it – indeed, you never know exactly what Horatio may say,” the company said in a press release. I guess you can forget about getting Horatio to play your favorite Spotify tune.  Read more…

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