Flashback Friday: But was it vibrating?

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Flashback to the early 1990s, when this pilot fish works at a regional campus of a big state university.

“One day, our IT staff and computer science faculty made a road trip to the main campus,” says fish. “We were treated to a tour of the main campus’ huge computer room.

“Our tour guide told us to look but not touch, and he meant it. I merely pointed to a washing-machine-sized disk drive and was sternly reminded by the very nervous guide that the slightest vibration can cause these finicky disks to crash.

“Perturbed by what I felt was an undeserved scolding, I pointed a second time — to a member of our computer science faculty who had planted his very ample behind on top of one of the disk drives.“The look on our tour guide’s face was priceless, but that brought the tour to an abrupt end.

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