Eye strain – CVS?

Have been suffering for months now with what I believe is computer vision syndrome. Hoping anyone could chime in with advice/possible suggestions or ideas.

I went to the eye doctor three months ago for glasses, I was having sharp pains in my left eye especially when trying to focus or moving it. The pain felt like it was behind my eye, or just below my eyebrow.

Eye doctor sent me to ER, they saw nothing but diagnosed me with optical neurotis due to symptoms. Kept me three days … Here I am two months later, all same symptoms. Headaches every morning, eyes feel horrible upon waking, dry, ect. Pain in the upper eye/eyebrow region(especially left eye).

Seriously considering patching it off if it doesn't improve soon. Running out of ideas here..

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They did schedule me with a neurologist, who can't see me until MARCH FIFTEENTH. Sad reality of living in a crowded town.

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