Apple baits Trump by saying it wants to keep making Mac Pro in the US

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Mac Pro

Photo by Nilay Patel / The Verge

During this afternoon’s call with investors, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company aims to assemble the 2019 Mac Pro in the United States — just as it did with the previous “trash can” design of the high-end desktop. Apple highlighted the US assembly of that device and even made a video promoting it. But the company made no mention of having the same plans for the Mac Pro it revealed at WWDC in June.

Yet according to Cook, US assembly is exactly why Apple requested an exclusion from the US government’s tariffs on importing goods from China. If Apple gets hit with an added fee for those parts, it might consider the whole plan unfeasible.

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“In terms of the exclusions, we’ve been making the Mac Pro in the US. We want to continue to do…

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